Friday, August 27, 2010

Done with the surgey!

Not the actual surgery, And I have not checked what It looks like under the bandage, but I post a picture when I do!

Now I'm done with the surgery! It wen't just as planned, no surprises. I'm so fuckin tired right now. I Could fall asleep standing up, If I had the power to actually stand up. But that's not happening right now.

Today Schedule;

This morning:

06.00; getting up to make my way down to the hospital.

07.30; Getting readdy for surgery, drawing lines on the foot where to go in and where to operate.

some time between 10.00 and 11.00; Got knocked out by the medicine, right before the surgery.

12.00 ocr 12.20; Woke up and didn't have a clue what just happend. Had this thing stuck up my now and wires everywhere. Thought that they were still prepering for the actually operation. But then I felt that my foot was hurting and they told med it was all done.... So confusing!!

13.00; Took some pills and fell asleep in my appartment.

Now the clock is 19.00 and I've been sleeping the whole day. Still exhausted and probably going to sleep again. Just took another set of pills for the pain.

Going back to malung tomorrow, laters

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