Saturday, January 30, 2010

Been to Kläppen today done some shreding. had to get up at 5.40, and the buss leaved malung at 6.30. Pretty damn early I think. But it was a good day, no sun of course why would we get any sun in one of the best parks in europe, that's just to much to ask for is it?

Check out the picture beneath, that one was taken a couple of days ago, and this is how close we've been to bright day light. The sadest part is not that we don't get a fine brownish tan, no, the worst part is that it's easy to fall trough the floor and get in to this super bad mood. Where nothing seems to mather, you can't land a single trick an your life is over.

But then you can see it in two ways, either you're selfish, like ignoring your friends. Or you could help your friends to keep the mood up with positive thinking.

But you can also mix these two options up, like beeing selfish and go to the side and get over your anger. That's probably the best alternative, cause you don't want to lock you anger in to this little box, cause then you will just end up with a broken board. I've been there and done that, it's not pretty, killed a couple of skates like that. Always thinking afterwards; Not worth it!

Now I'm just sitting at home waiting for a sunny day!


Close but not good enough, We want nothing but the best. Sounds pretty bad!

Clip from a street session we pulled off before christmas holidays!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today I've been to Kläppen, school shred, pretty good. My foot just gets better and better. I still can't land on my left foot that is injured, so no back 5s or cab 7s for me... Sucks!

Tomorrow is another day of snowboarding, will try to take some better sequense shots as well!


Niklas Askmyr fs 3 indyyyy!

Lill M-attsson! back 1 sad!

Something got fucked up when I transfered the shot to another computer. Blueprint ''2'' muddafucker! Anyway Niklas 50-50 back 1!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Post #100!

Been to Kläppen today, took the buss at 07.50 and were in Kläppen att 08.50 or something!
Good day even dough the sun didn't show up, pretty sad to get ditched by that big guy. But anywas, had lots of fun, took a couple of photos.

Check em' out! (under the text)

tomorrow it's school day, and riding tuesday and wednesday. And I heard tha the sun will be out to play all day at wednesday, Looking forward to that, haven't seen him in a while!

Now It's time to sleep!


Johan K doing frontside 3 sad!

I was chilling, laying back while niklas threw a back rodeo 9 to sweet landing!

Mr Klas showing of some sweet steeze!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

At home in malung

Today I've been at home all day long, haven't been doing much at all. Have just been chilling, resting my foot, and doing some rehab!

But we did a lill bit of snowboarding, built a small tranny in 1 minute, then shreded it for 10. But It was still pretty fun.

A couple of clips beneath!


Friday, January 22, 2010


Today we had a busy schedule! First, breakfast at school, then 1 hour car to Experium adventure centre for some sessioning at their fake wave, and I can tell you that It was something I won't forget, so much fun, haven't been laughing that much for a long time, amazing!

Then we drove back to kläppen for lunch followed by 3 hour shred mania in kläppen!


Check out the surf pics! LAters!

Johan K, ready for action, here he comes. And I think he had a mega super awesome slam a few moments after this pic was taken!
Mr Skotte was on it! Pumped to max, and I can tell you that we didn't just laugh because it was so cool, we had our fair share of hard slams, and we got washed out by the water canons more then a couple of times, But when you got a hang of it, It was great!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today we've had riding day with school at kläppen shred resort! Redline was good as usuall, and the shred was on. So sun dough, but it was all good anyway.

Had lots of fun, didn't ride that much because of my foot. Not because I couldn't stand the pain but I didn't want to risk it in the long run...

I'll take it easy for another week, and do some hardcore work out on the balance board! Then it will be super fly, will be going bigger then ever before. I hope I will anyway, but I'm not surprised if I'm not as good as before.

Now I'm going to drink some soda, and go to sleep,


Alex eriksson

Johan K

JOhan K

Experiment, Adam G

Double trouble by calle ''G'' svensson

Adam Gran!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday Kläppen shred park had their grand opening, today we went there with our school. So much fun, good weather and of course a perfect shaped set of jumps. So freakin good!

Now I'm going to bed early so I'm fit for shred tomorrow morning!!

Will take more photos tomorrow!


Johan K in Klääpen at the Grand opening! photo by: Ferixo''felix''!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Mr K!

Anton Bilare in Tandådalen!

Today have been a day of from snowboarding, I've bee talkin it real slow. Haven't been talking a single step if it wasn't absolutly necessary. Boring as hell, but good for my body, It's been a hard week.

Now I'm going to watch tv, maybe go chill at some buds place. Will be go to bed early anyways, and then it's of to school in the morning!

Be ready for better longer, and more interesting updates later!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shred heaven!

Today have been another fun day in Tandådalen, but still the sun was no where to be seen...

Ludwig woke me up through my cell at 7.50, asking me if i was ready. The day before he sad that we were leaving at 8.30, But i guess that he was to pumped to wait another second!

We jumped in to the car and drove to tandådalen in 50 minutes, and that got to be some sort of record! usually it takes a bit more then an hour.

Finally there, in shred heaven! Park opening at tandådalen ski resort, and it couldn't be much better, except for the sun. But that's just a minor issue!

We ended upp with a couple of fine looking photos and happy faces!

Check out the photos beneath!

and check out:

for more photos!


Mr JK -Arlsson

Ollie to fakie!

Adam G, cab 3 stale!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Yes, today has been good shred day, but without good weather. The sun didn't even show once, not one single time, and I can say that I didn't feel the force today. But after a good lunch a felt that the power was coming back to me. But still the sun didn't want to show.

I'm at home, waiting for the next day to come. We are going to Kläppen snowpark in hope that they are going to open up the red line. We heard some rumors that the may open, but we don't now for shure.

Now I'm going to get something to eat, maybe something to drink, milk or something probably.
And I'll hope the night has something to offer, cause It's friday! and friday means smily faces and good times, but Malung isn't the headcourter for awesomnes, but I still have faith!

Be ready for more updates, and check out the photos beneath!

I looked through some old pics from early season, and I found this fun 5-0 from the ice hockey rink!
A fun photo of Niklas Mattsson that I took yesterday evening.

Fun action from Adam ''G''! Dropin' in big, T9 style!
If you look close, you'll se adam in the mix;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm still in malung chilling, trying to learn more and more about photagraphy. It's so fun, to hang out and just take fun photos with your homeboys!

I will update a webbalbum with pictures on hopefully a daily basis.

Here is the link:

And when you click on this link you will see my first album, Tandådalen Big Air Arena; TBAA!

Now I'm going to sleep, Laters!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tandådalen, Jump Arena!

Niklas mattsson, back 7 mute

alex dlt, back 5 stale

Hey Hey!

This few days have been sooooo goood, lots of sun and fun!!

Shred in tandådalen, chuckin backflips and just having a awsm time.

Got some good photos that I've put on facebook:

Will start to put up my photos on a photogallery soon. Will post the adress here on Ferixo.b-!

Now I'll recharge my gears for a long day in school tomorrow!


Monday, January 11, 2010

90th post on Ferixo

Niklas nosepressing on c-rail in malung!

Tail bonk in Lindvallen, Photos by myself:) like most of the of other photos.

Today has been a boooooring day at school, nothing fun happend. I was a bit grumpy because I over slept a bit, but it was allright.

This evening we had little street session, I posted some pictures on facebook, check it out. Two pictures here on the blog as well!

Tomorrow I will shred!!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today I've been to Lindvallen in Sälen, shreding as hard as I could, and even took some cool pictures. Those pictures I will put up on the blog tomorrow probably, after I've edit them.

Tomorrow It's school time, and that sucks soo bad. Will chillax, then on tuesday it's shred day with our school!

Really looking forward to another day of snowboarding. Even if it's -30 degrees outside, and I'm not even Kidding, It i mild at -25....

But anyway, snowboarding is always fun.

And another thing, I got new clothes from BONFIRE today, a jacket and pants, pretty fucking awesome, I think! But you can make you own opinion from this picture beneath!


Saturday, January 9, 2010


Nothing new, have just been hangin out in malung. Tomorrow I will try my luck on the slope, see if my feet can do the job! If it can handle the pressure.

Will get up at 6 o'clock in the morning, and that's even before the sun hits our side of the planet. Pretty damn early I would say. But It will be a fun day.

Will take some photos that I can share with you!


Fun pic from last summer that I switched up a bit!

Friday, January 8, 2010

on my way to Malung!

Now I'm on the train to malung, but it has been delayed 1 hour. So I don't think I will get to my conecting train in time. I will possibly be stuck in Borlänge in dalarna untill 12 in the afternoon tomorrow...

So I don't really know what to do, but I will sort it out! I hope...

Check out the photos laters!

Alexander '' FrÄnk'' Wadelius!!!

Kickflip to flaaaaaat

Took this picture when I was waiting for the train, I thought It was pretty cool.
It deserved a Ferixo tagg, definitely!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yes, today is the day before going to malung! Today I've just chillaxed at home, taking some photos in my backtýard! check it out!!


My backyard, Calle pärsson aka C-P on the rail!

Boardslide in Helsingborg

My friend Jake! (Gelberg)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's wednesday and I'm leaving friday morning for Malung, dalarna. I've been chilling for a couple of days now, and it feels good. But not good enough to stop thinking about what trick I could do on my lawn If I hadn't had an injured foot. But It keeps me motivated to come back up on the board.

I've had lots of time to use my camera, and today I was at the indor skate park, and yesterday I took a couple photos of jakob snowboarding. It has been lots of fun.

Enjoi the results! Laters!

It's snow in Helsingborg!

Smith grind!

Hard flip by Frank!

Blunt slide by Frank!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home sweet home!

I'm in Helsingborg in a villa on ''sperlinge vägen'' 17. It's my real home, and it feels good to be at home, to be taken care of a little bit. Someone to make me breakfast, lunch and dinner. And that someone is more then often my mum! It's a bit like paradise compared to my life in malung where I have to do everything...

But you can't stay in paradise forever, cause then you will get stuck! So on friday I'll go back to malung. School starts on monday, and I will try to get back on my snowboard on tuesday probably.

This week I will hang out with some old good friends and have a goooooood time!!


Ferixo in Lindvallen!

Cab 5 last season in Kläppen

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back from la clusaz

Håkan taking advantage of the light and fluffy asset in La clusaz!

New years eve!




Took some pictures of myself

Me at the only day that i rodemy board.

Yes, now I'm back from La clusaz. And I haven't had access to internet for two whole weeks.

That blows, especially when you can't ride. But It gave me more time to get to know my new kamera. It's a pentax K-x and I've had real much fun using it.

And hopefully I will take lots of cool photos that I can show you here att!

Now I'm going to update you with photos every day that I've been shooting.

Happy new year!