Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shred heaven!

Today have been another fun day in Tandådalen, but still the sun was no where to be seen...

Ludwig woke me up through my cell at 7.50, asking me if i was ready. The day before he sad that we were leaving at 8.30, But i guess that he was to pumped to wait another second!

We jumped in to the car and drove to tandådalen in 50 minutes, and that got to be some sort of record! usually it takes a bit more then an hour.

Finally there, in shred heaven! Park opening at tandådalen ski resort, and it couldn't be much better, except for the sun. But that's just a minor issue!

We ended upp with a couple of fine looking photos and happy faces!

Check out the photos beneath!

and check out:

for more photos!


Mr JK -Arlsson

Ollie to fakie!

Adam G, cab 3 stale!

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