Friday, January 15, 2010


Yes, today has been good shred day, but without good weather. The sun didn't even show once, not one single time, and I can say that I didn't feel the force today. But after a good lunch a felt that the power was coming back to me. But still the sun didn't want to show.

I'm at home, waiting for the next day to come. We are going to Kläppen snowpark in hope that they are going to open up the red line. We heard some rumors that the may open, but we don't now for shure.

Now I'm going to get something to eat, maybe something to drink, milk or something probably.
And I'll hope the night has something to offer, cause It's friday! and friday means smily faces and good times, but Malung isn't the headcourter for awesomnes, but I still have faith!

Be ready for more updates, and check out the photos beneath!

I looked through some old pics from early season, and I found this fun 5-0 from the ice hockey rink!
A fun photo of Niklas Mattsson that I took yesterday evening.

Fun action from Adam ''G''! Dropin' in big, T9 style!
If you look close, you'll se adam in the mix;)

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