Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hi! Now I'm back from Kungsberget. It has been a fun mini trip, even if it was lack of good weather. It snowed and kind of rained for the whole day. It was a pretty fun set-up, it was just that I didn't get into the rythm. I was trying and trying but It didn't go my way. Didn't even make it to the finals...

But it will come new competitions where I can get revenge and pull out that line that I was looking for. But it's not the the line you did in the competition I will remember, It's the slash I did under the lift, or the rail we hit in the mini park. Or maybe the three I bonked. It's the moments without any pressure and just pure fun that I will remember the most.

Because of the bad weather I didn't pull out my camera, so I'll just wait for a couple of pics to appear on or


Thursday, February 25, 2010


Now I'm back in malung after a super awesome trip with my family and friends to italy.
We had more powder then I could ever dream of. It's pretty much ridiculous...

It snowed for a couple of days, then the hotel my friends were staying at invited us to go riding with a guide on a couple of secret powder spots! We hiked for a little bit, then this steep field with untouched cold snow reveals it self!

It was like setting you signature on a perfectly white paper, felt good. My friend filmed a few turns, will try to get it from him later.

Tomorrow we're going to Kungsberget for a competition, will be fun to se what that place is all about!

Be ready for updates laters!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey !

Today was the second day riding for me here in Italy. It has been a great second day and Todays subject have got to be; POWDER!

The snow has been falling for the last couple of days here in Champoluc. That means that It was fresh ''fluff, fluff'' for us to explore all over the mountain. It really helped that the hotel our friends are staying at, invited us to go out in the óff-piste with a guide. All on the Hotels expense of course. Wich means that we got our self a powder finder for free. A man that hated snowboarders though, but it's just because he don't have the skills to surf that white wave on the mountain as you can do with a FUN-board(snowboard)! But he dropped that shield of his when he got to know us!

Anyway! We rode untouched powder all day long. I will post a small clip of how it looked like! But not now, a little bit later when I've got it on my computer!

And I have a message for my english teacher, Peter! I have limited access to the World Wide Webb, That means that I have too write all my posts on paper, then post them n the blog when I get home on Thursday! Or I could just e-mail you them!

That was it! LAters!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jumbo hostell

Now I'm once again at the jumbo hostell. For you that haven't read my blog before, Jumbo hostell is a big jumbo jet that they've turned into a hostell. Pretty cool place. Lovely rooms, really feels like sleeping in a aeroplane!

Now I'll soon be on my way to Milano airport, my flight leaves stockholm at 13.35 this afternoon. I'll be meeting up with my parents tonight. They will actually pick me up somewhere in Italy, pretty excited!

I'll post a couple of pictures tomorrow maybe!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gesunda invitational

Been a fun day, with cool people to hang out with. The course was two jumps, followed by either a up-flat-up box, or a gap to rail. After that you finished of your run on the spine or the c-box.

In the finals my run was following; cab 5 to back seven in the kicker line, then 50-50 on the rail to a combo on the spine. We couldn't go that big because of the wind, we didn't get the speed we needed for the jumps. But it went fine.

I Made it to the podium, but I couldn't take part in the prize ceremony because of the train I had to catch. I actually barely had time to participate in the finals, only had the time to take one of two final runs.

Anyway, now I'm on Arlanda airport. tomorrow morning I'm leaving for Italy to meet up with family and friends. Looking forward to that!

My english assignment for the week is the write in my blog. Shouldn't be that hard, I hope my grammar will be on top!


Friday, February 19, 2010


Tomorrow I'm going to do this small chill and grill comp in Gesunda ski resort here in dalarna. It's going to be so much fun, considiring that Gesunda always have had sunshine when I have been there. Only been there once dough, but it was sunshine that day...

I hope that I will turn out to be the most fun day of my life, but my standards for FUN are pretty low, so I think It will be a sucess. A sucess with a blue sky hopefully!

will try to take a couple of photos!


Check out this clip from
I would like to have dices like that!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Tonight they finished off the pipe olympics, and hey, Shaun white got the victory. Surprise surprise! or noot. I think everyone that watched it saw it coming! I didn't watch it, I don't feel like I was missing anything...

It can't be fun to have that pressure on you all the time. Mr White doesn't really have anything to win, just a hell lot to loose. To win the olympics was something everyone expected from him, to get second would just be a failure. To win is just what he should do. If someone else would have won, like Ståle Sandbech, it would be something grand and historical. Shaun just did what he had to do, he ticked of Olympic gold his is ''need to be done'' list for the season 09-10!

Anyway, sick run and he earned it!! Crazy airtime !! Fun to watch!! Too bad Danny Davis couldn't participate!!


Danny Davis!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


OS? It does feel pretty weird, I don't really feel like watching it. The pipe isn't that interesting. Feels like i allready know who is going to win, Shaun white ofcourse. But I will still watch it, see if someone will do anything unexpected. Instead of just doing the double cork that everyone does.

I watched this edit on, It showed some of the riders that is going to try and steal the gold from mr White. And I realized that almost everyone is doing the same double cork, with the same grab. Mr White makes it look different, not better looking, but different.

Watch this clip:

and the weird double; 0.58 min!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


If I would make a short summery of my day, it would start with; mmmm and end with; mmmm! and in the middle part it would just be; crash, bang and boom on my ass!

Sucks to have bad days. But instead of being mad for the rest of the day, I did a few lines in the untouched red line with Johannes Skottheim and mr Göran ''underflip'' Erlandsson, Göran is going to be our coach for the rest of the week, because Pontus Stålklo is commentator of the Olympics !

So fun, take as much speed as you dare, then you'll have too pop for your life, if not you will land flat in the bottom of the landing. You see it's like this, the jumps is so steep that you will just transfer all your speed up into the air and not down the hill. Then if you don't pop, you'll see yourself getting a pretty heavy flat landing. But if you get it right you will find yourself on a point of weightless awesomenes!

The picture beneath shows how the weather was today! Not from today, but you know what I mean!


Monday, February 15, 2010


MR M, ready for action!

The driver, Mr Luddig!

It's something special with Malung. It could be the cold weather or that the sun rarely shines in this neighbourhood of ours, not in the winter anyway. Maybe not even the sun can stand this freezy climate? I don't know, but these things we can deal with. But still there's something that make most of the folks in this little town into zombies from time to time!

Zombies that don't look any different that a normal human beeing when you just look at them. But when you look to it's behaviour, then it's like day and night.

From being a social, polite and caring person. To turn into a non social, rude and careless ZOMBIE! It's not cool to be around these zombies.

When you're trying to make a joke, they'll give you a stare the even would make KING KONG pee in is pants if he would happen wear any. And you can only imagine how it's like when you're trying to make a joke on the zombies expense. They will try to chop your head off if you don't watch your back, not literally dough, it would make a to big of a mess for the zombie to clean up.

Even I go in to this zombie trance. And I'm not any better then what I've just described. What I'm getting to is that I have a theory!

I think that ''hemköp'' the local supermarket, is pollutes the air with some toxic that make the citicens fall in to this zombie resembling STATE OF MIND(link beneath), just so they will make more money on the candy and soda that is the zombies mane food. That's what I think.

And That's what I had to say! LAters!

''state of mind'' with Raul Midon!! =

Saturday, February 13, 2010

kläppen and tandå edit

The sun been shining for a couple of days now so I'm really happy about that!
Been to kläppen today, takin laps, well groomed park made everything look like shred heaven !

Now i'm going to watch a movie and get ready for tomorrow!

Check out our tandådalen edit form last weekend, it's like divided into two parts 4 mins into the edit starts part number two, the sound is better there. Something got fucked with the sound when we put it on vimeo. Doesn't really matter cause we had a good time.

Will maybe do something more serious tomorrow!


t-dalen mmmm! from Felix Mobärg on Vimeo.

Picture of me from kläppen , back one mute! Bonfire!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Now we're finished with the fun edit from tandådalen. We realized that it was a bit to long when we looked through it, so we are going to cut it in to pieces and put up one part at a time.

We are to tired to do i tonight, soo we'll do it tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will also try to film for a new edit, maybe a bit more kicker runs, maybe not! It will be good to se what we want to do tomorrow!


Teaser print screen from the edit! Front 5 nose

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow is falling

Hey hey!

Today we've been riding for the whole day. The snow was falling on us all day. Soo good to get some fresh pow pow! I think it fell like 10 cm of fresh while we were riding, ridicolous amounts of snow. looking like we are going to take a day of from the park on thursday to take fun lines in the forrest on Hundfjället aka ''Dog mountain''! Will be fun!

As I sad we were riding the whole day, and we rode in Kläppen as usuall. Mr Viktor ''sponk'' Jonsson took some pictures, and here they are:

it's like fs 7 or switch back one stale or something!

Me doing fs 3 mute,

Right now I'm sitting next too Benni who is editing the clips from when we filmed in Tandådalen. It will come up this week probably!



Saturday, February 6, 2010

sun !

''Sun is shining, weather is sweet'' by Bob Marley, the soundtrack of our day, sooooo goood!

Didn't look that promising on the way up, but the second we arrived i kläppen the sky cleared up, and we got bluebird!

The park was well groomed and everything was perfect, the jumps got a bit soft after lunch, but It didn't even matter, wasn't like it made a difference.

Took a couple of pictures(beneath)

Tomorrow I will go up to kläppen again, and the plan is to film something fun, and make a edit. Looking forward to see what tomorrow has to offer!


Isak ''Big B'' Bearström!

Mr M and The Sarinator! (in love<3)

Mr M lovin those Back (f)Lips!

Mr Ashes, Mr A, or Big Myr! Whatever you like!

Friday, February 5, 2010

yesyes jaaoouuhh!

When you feel that it can't get any better, and it does, That's the best definition of Awesomenes!

And that's a feeling you don't get everyday. Today I think I got it. Even if it wasn't the best conditions I really had a great day. When I thought It couldn't be much more fun, it did. And As I wrote, that's the best definition of awesomenes! (my own opinion)

Tomorrow is going to be another day in Kläppen, will try learn some new tricks. And will have a great time. I'll take some photos that you get get here on Ferixo!

Be ready, Laters!

snowskate, kind of.. from Felix Mobärg on Vimeo.

snowskate, kind of... from Felix Mobärg on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

At the doctors

Today I've been to a doctor to check up my throat, I got a bit scared that It would be the flue or something. To check me she put a something that looked like a pen down in my throat like she wanted med to puke, for the record I didn't, puke I mean. But it was still so nasty. You never want a big mama o put a pen down your throat, not fun at all.

Anyway, the test showed that it was ''nema problemas''!
(no problems for you that don't understands spanish..)

So as long as I don't feel sick I can do whatever I want! So I'm going to sleep, that's the best thing a can think about right now. No riding for me today...

Enough about that, Check out this spot beneath; 5 sec clip.


Spot from Felix Mobärg on Vimeo.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm sick

I'm sick and not in a good way, I've got a soar throat. Not good at all.
Isn't it enough that I can't ride 100%? Do I have do hit rock bottom, or not really rock bottom. It's not like I've got both of my legs cut off... But you get my point. It really suck, especially when the good weather has arrived i dalarna.

Not fun, but I will get better, and then I will have more fun then I've ever had!

check out mobile shots from yesterday in kläppen, didn't ride that much yesterday cause I didn't feel well at all, I thought that I was going to throw up in every turn actually, I'm glad I didn't.

Here are the shots:


philip l

niklas m