Monday, February 15, 2010


MR M, ready for action!

The driver, Mr Luddig!

It's something special with Malung. It could be the cold weather or that the sun rarely shines in this neighbourhood of ours, not in the winter anyway. Maybe not even the sun can stand this freezy climate? I don't know, but these things we can deal with. But still there's something that make most of the folks in this little town into zombies from time to time!

Zombies that don't look any different that a normal human beeing when you just look at them. But when you look to it's behaviour, then it's like day and night.

From being a social, polite and caring person. To turn into a non social, rude and careless ZOMBIE! It's not cool to be around these zombies.

When you're trying to make a joke, they'll give you a stare the even would make KING KONG pee in is pants if he would happen wear any. And you can only imagine how it's like when you're trying to make a joke on the zombies expense. They will try to chop your head off if you don't watch your back, not literally dough, it would make a to big of a mess for the zombie to clean up.

Even I go in to this zombie trance. And I'm not any better then what I've just described. What I'm getting to is that I have a theory!

I think that ''hemköp'' the local supermarket, is pollutes the air with some toxic that make the citicens fall in to this zombie resembling STATE OF MIND(link beneath), just so they will make more money on the candy and soda that is the zombies mane food. That's what I think.

And That's what I had to say! LAters!

''state of mind'' with Raul Midon!! =

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