Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer vacation chilling in ''Hulta''. Our cottage close to Linköping is where I am right now. Going to be here til' sunday. Then I'm going to stockholm. But I'm spending the whole midsummer weekend here in ''Hulta''. Towing my cousins after the boat, boarding on our handmade skimboards, eating lots and lots of candy! Kicking back big time!

Check the photos, laters!

Going to ''Hulta''

Midsummer celebrations!

My cousins, the youngest closest to the camera

Erik Mobärg!

David Mobärg, jumping a bit on the wave!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Höganäs skate

Now it's time for a new post since the birthday post. I've done a couple of fun things this week. and couple of things that was less pleasent. I've been skating a lot, Even dough my foot hurts I'm trying to skate. Cause it doesn't get worse the doctor said, doesn't matter if it hurts a little bit...
I've been to Höganäs skate plaza, where I took some photos. You can see a few beneath. If you want to check out the rest, got to:

And one less pleasent happening was the night watch in the harbor, that we took responsability for, a couple of nights ago. Me and oliver gets 250 Kr each per night. We sat from 11.00 to 04.00 at night. It was hard staying awake, but it was okey. The weird thing was that we got suspended cause someone thought that we didn't do our job. Long story short, it was because we missed that ONE car drove through the docks...

We don't really give a shiet, less then that we are disappointed on the fucker that suspended us. Cause He's just a little prick that has a problem with my friend Oliver since way back.
Really hate that guy, but I couldn't care less about him...

Check out the photos beaneath. This weekend I'm going to Linköping, the stockholm. Will take some photos and post on the blog


Kickflip on the left han side!

Blunt, bs revert!

smith !

Monday, June 21, 2010

This post is Dedicated to Marthe Leinum Holm! She is turning seventeen in a couple of minutes.

And I just wanna say HAPPY B-DAY! And good luck waiting to become a member in the over 18 drinking team!

Waiting for you to join the brotherhood of adults and drunks(drink responsible!)

But it's not just about consuming alcoholic beverages. It's about getting another step closer to Vehicle that will get you out of the house, that you were raised in. Your first CAR!(and you can, sleep in a car)

But remember, one year to goooooooo! Cheers!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Now I'm in gothenburg! When I got here, we ate some dinner! Fish. It was really tasty, love fish ofcourse. Then we watched the pre talk to our prinsess, soon to become queen of swedens 'applause* Wedding!!

Not much to say about that, good performace from various artist, among the lot, there was this Asian girl with partner that did the most amazing dance moves I've ever seen. She stod on the tip of her toe, balancing ! without question marks, she was the best dancer I've ever seen, amazing. Breathtaking actually

Now I'm going to sleep, tomorrow It's either skate time, or surf time! Skate in gothenburg ocr surf in varberg! SIck, laters. Check out the photo, and vids!

Surf i varberg!

Action park, skating in gothenburg!


eat some cake,
don't fake
or you'll brake.

I can't rime, but I'm really good on making up things that doesen't make sense. For example, summer break, eat some cake?!
yeah whatever, as long as you're enjoying it!

Today I'm going to Marstrand outside Göteborg, to meet up with my mum's dad!

Now I don't know what to do... or write. I'm going to publish some pictures instead!!

haha :D
Long time ago I hadpictures of myself on the blog! Pretty fun!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've just left malung, I'm on the train. I finished of the last school work today Had two teststoday, one in History, and one in Nature science. Summer vacation is a fact.

I made this picture on the train, It's Jocke, a guy in my class. Made the background a little bit weird locking. It got a bit bad round the hair and shoulders, But I think it's okey anyway.


Monday, June 14, 2010


mm, nikke mmm

sun is shining!

Now It's only one school day left, untill I have summer vacation for reel! I'm going to make the most of it for shure! I don't feel like writing LAteras!
In malung, I have a class in 15 minutes. Starting to get pretty nervous for a test. But I don't think It'll be a biggie!
It's pretty lonesome here in school with just our class attending. When the rest of the pupils in this school has summer vacation... Miss all the action in the corridor, the noise from doors slamming, girls giggling in their corner. Just miss it!

Tomorrow I'm going home again, going to be sweet summer vacation!

Now Listen to this shit, enjoi;

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three days in malung went past in no time at all. Now It's saturday and I've allready been home for two days. Yesterday it was party, my friends that just graduated had this big party aranged. We were all at this big hall, all friends from the past, and parents to all the graduates and the DJ rocked the Base all night. Finished it all of with a Kebab at the closest restaurant, ''Kebab King''.

Today has just been a recovery day from last light, been soooooo tired. Been trying to sleep. Just couldn't do it... Now I'm finishing the day of with a movie at home. And tomorrow I'm going back to malung for two days, schooool. Not that fun, but it's only for two days and I can chill with my boys in malung, so that's goood!

Watch the pics ! Laters

My sisters' birthday is at the fourteenth of july, so we celebrated it this morning. She is going away tomorrow that's why !


This is from a couple of weeks a go, But I just had to publish it!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Leaving malung in 3 days!

Now It's only three days left for me in malung, for this time. I'm leaving for summer break on thursday. It's going to be sweet to come home for a while. But I think that I have to come back in a couple of days again unfortunately. I've got to do some school sad enough...
But It doesn't matter, cause I've got 2 month of holiday after that!! super awesome!

retard niklas haha!
Looking good, He's just pretending again. He could just wish that it was his car!
Niklas! Looking gooooood!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Appreciate the moment and immortalize it in a photo!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Weekend, friends, skate, concrete, wolga low, good times. Those words are probably the best words to describe my weekend. We rented a car and began our trip to Avesta, even called concrete heaven. This trip is one to remember, the best skate day for me so far this summer.

We started of with a pretty long session on the concrete. Pools, curbs, banks and some good lines. The session went on for a couple of hours until our legs couldn't keep up no more. It was really great. I couldn't help my self, I couldn't stop smiling!

After the session in Avesta, we packed our bags and went to Djursås where Simon Aka Mr Wolga low is living. Yeah I forgot, Johan had to take the rental car to uppsala to visit his sister. His sister got injured while riding her horse, and was situated at a hospital in Uppsala. That's why he had to go. Haven't got the latest news, but I hope she is okey!

Okey, we jumped into Simon's car that was going to Djursås that I told you. The plan was to take a train from there back to Malung. The only thing was that the train weren't suppose to leave until a couple of hours later. That gave us a couple of hours to try out a spot in Djursås that Simon showed us. It was a skatepark with cracked up plywood and home made curbs. It was really good shit, had so much fun there. That park proves that ''less is more''.

Finished of the day with a singalong session on the train and a little bit of partying in malung. SUPER AWESOMEEEE!

Live life like it's a gift from above, don't take anything for granted and keep yourself busy!
It's the best advice I can think of at the moment!

Öster enyoing the company of the crazy guitar mum!

Hanging out u Avesta

5-0 by Öster

fs nose grab to tail stall

Simon Hjort with his WolgaLow shirt!

Yeah, and I joined the Wolga Low snowboard crew, Simon Hjort hookep me up. Simon's biggest priority is Life, that's what I like about him, and it reflects in his company. Hand made shirts with a underground feeling. Just the best, visit for more info

Friday, June 4, 2010

''studenten'' !!

I can't remember the last time we had this many days of good weather in a row. It's been a great couple of days! No doubt!

- Grill and chill, CHECK
- Sunburn, CHECK
- Volleyball, CHECK
- Football, CHECK
- Allround Fiesta, CHECK

Just have a look at the check list, doesn't it look gooood! Now I'm waiting for the sun to rise in the morning, then I'm going to Avesta to skate some good old concrete with my friends. Looking forward to that.

check out some photos from tonight, right here at Ferixo! haha


Mr Hannes ''Lovin'' Karlsson

Sweet talker Karl anthony!

Gidlund with ''imaginary'' friends in the background

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I miss home, partly because I don't want to be in school any longer, but mostly because I want to be in my hometown, with some old friends. Maybe do some skateboarding, dig my toes down in the sand at the beach. I miss that, but there's not much waiting left... so it's cool.

I'm going o miss my friends up here nevertheless.

Beneath is a photo from this winter of Alexander de la Torre, my team mate at salomon, bonfire and Guilty headwear. Sick steeze, back 5 stale I think, love this pic.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A couple of words and an old photo. One of my favorites from this winter with Adam G. The trick is a cab 3, I followed him in the jump when he sent this one, result beneath.

the words;

''Life is like bungee jumping, you shouldn't panic when falling, cause you'll always get back up''

and that was the words, laters!