Thursday, June 24, 2010

Höganäs skate

Now it's time for a new post since the birthday post. I've done a couple of fun things this week. and couple of things that was less pleasent. I've been skating a lot, Even dough my foot hurts I'm trying to skate. Cause it doesn't get worse the doctor said, doesn't matter if it hurts a little bit...
I've been to Höganäs skate plaza, where I took some photos. You can see a few beneath. If you want to check out the rest, got to:

And one less pleasent happening was the night watch in the harbor, that we took responsability for, a couple of nights ago. Me and oliver gets 250 Kr each per night. We sat from 11.00 to 04.00 at night. It was hard staying awake, but it was okey. The weird thing was that we got suspended cause someone thought that we didn't do our job. Long story short, it was because we missed that ONE car drove through the docks...

We don't really give a shiet, less then that we are disappointed on the fucker that suspended us. Cause He's just a little prick that has a problem with my friend Oliver since way back.
Really hate that guy, but I couldn't care less about him...

Check out the photos beaneath. This weekend I'm going to Linköping, the stockholm. Will take some photos and post on the blog


Kickflip on the left han side!

Blunt, bs revert!

smith !

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