Friday, June 18, 2010

Now I'm in gothenburg! When I got here, we ate some dinner! Fish. It was really tasty, love fish ofcourse. Then we watched the pre talk to our prinsess, soon to become queen of swedens 'applause* Wedding!!

Not much to say about that, good performace from various artist, among the lot, there was this Asian girl with partner that did the most amazing dance moves I've ever seen. She stod on the tip of her toe, balancing ! without question marks, she was the best dancer I've ever seen, amazing. Breathtaking actually

Now I'm going to sleep, tomorrow It's either skate time, or surf time! Skate in gothenburg ocr surf in varberg! SIck, laters. Check out the photo, and vids!

Surf i varberg!

Action park, skating in gothenburg!

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