Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three days in malung went past in no time at all. Now It's saturday and I've allready been home for two days. Yesterday it was party, my friends that just graduated had this big party aranged. We were all at this big hall, all friends from the past, and parents to all the graduates and the DJ rocked the Base all night. Finished it all of with a Kebab at the closest restaurant, ''Kebab King''.

Today has just been a recovery day from last light, been soooooo tired. Been trying to sleep. Just couldn't do it... Now I'm finishing the day of with a movie at home. And tomorrow I'm going back to malung for two days, schooool. Not that fun, but it's only for two days and I can chill with my boys in malung, so that's goood!

Watch the pics ! Laters

My sisters' birthday is at the fourteenth of july, so we celebrated it this morning. She is going away tomorrow that's why !


This is from a couple of weeks a go, But I just had to publish it!!

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