Monday, May 31, 2010


The best thoughts comes to me while I'm about to fall asleep. I don't now why, it's just the way it is. This time I fell asleep in marthe's sofa while watching one three hill... Why I don't write my thoughts down anywhere is because I can't remeber them after a good nights sleep. A
nd if I do, it doesn't make sense. It's like a dream, It's so clear when you're asleep, but when you wake up, it just doesn't make sense.

Good for me I had a tired norwegian that thought the best thing was to wake me up. And now, here I am, writing my thoughts down...

This time I thought about a lot of things actually, that's why I have a bit of a problem remembering what I thought was the most important to me.
I thought about why some people make you wanna enjoy yourself, How some people make you wanna improve, or why some people just wanna break you down. And when I think of that stuff, that's when I realize what I love about life.
Sometimes you can just sit by yourself, think through stuff and decide your next move. No rush, just all the time in the world. It's not about rushing things you now. Not about making someone else happy. No, It's about making yourself enjoy life the way you want to, with a couple of obligations of course(you still can't make money from doing nothing, right?).
So what you wanna do is choosing the people you enjoy spending time with and stick to them. Cause your traveling partners will make your trip more joyfull and exciting!

Be with the ones you trust, the people that trust you and the ones your carrying close to your heart. I'm describing love, and it doesn't have to be ''do you wanna merry me?'' love. Just the way you love a good friend or the family of course! MPTF

That was my thoughts folks. And I hope someone that reads this at least tries to understand what I'm trying to say! If it still makes sense in the morning, then I'm pretty damn satisfied!


Sunday, May 30, 2010



Lovely day, woke up at 1pm. Really slept in this morning, should have got my ass out of the bed earlier, then the day wouldn't seem go by so rapidly.

My plan was to get someone with me to throw a barbecue by the lake, but no one was really into the idea, sucks... next time maybe.

Anyway, I went to marthe's and watched a episode of one three hill again, then went out for a skate session. A pretty Mellow session with a couple new tricks, always fun to stick something new.

and now It's bed time, and time for some sweet dreams, or I hope for something sweet, maybe a couple of girls by the pool that is up for a barbecue, that would be nice. But I don't think I will be that lucky, not even in my dreams. I hope for the best!

Check out the photos, later!

Mattias JJ

Me doing a ollie!

Hola senõrita!

Last night, or this morning you could say, I was at marthe and idas' place hanging out. Took some photos and watched the sun to go up as I walked home to my appartment.

We watched old episodes of One Three Hill til' 4 o'clock in the morning and This is a couple of the photos I took!

Check em' out!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Nille M

cute dog!

fakie tray flip i think..




Now the cock is way past noon and I'm more tired then I've ever been probably, but the sun is shining so I'm going out!

Yesterday was chill, the sun was shining all day and we had a little skate sess in the evening and I had my camera with me ofcourse, we didn't really have anything super cool to shred. But I'm going to post some of the photos here, and the rest on facebook possibly!

check it out laters!

CJ back crooks!

Nille M!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The sun as been shining i malung, so we've been taking advantage of it! Chilling big time !
I hope it'll continue shining through the whole weekend, then I'll be satisfied for shure.

Right now I'm at Jonkens place writing this post and of course checking out the latest ''action'' at FACEBOOOOOK...

Other then that, I don't know really. I don't know If we'll be doing much more then taking it cool, making the most of the moment! Maybe I'll dip my toes in the lake or something, if it's not to cold of course, grillin' and chillin'!

check out the photos! Laters

Me , photo taken by Olle

Sun is shining once again!

Olle at the roof, pretty comfy!

Linus crazy eye!

Thug O!

Olle looking on his bright future as a nanny in dubai!


Sooo tireed! I can't wait to go home to helsingborg, not because I'm sick of the people up here, or my friends really, No because I'm sick of schooooool!!

Sucks soo bad, I just wan't to skate, that I can't because of my foot. I looked my foot up at the physiotherapist, and she said that I may have to go through a operation this summer, and I can say that It's nothing I'm looking forward to...

Check out my pictures! Laters!


Model; Viktor Hadestrand, and I still can't edit my pictures..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back in bizz!

Couple of pictures, (rest of the text beneath)

I haven't written a post in sooo long! But now I'm on it again.

The reason that I haven't post anything in a while is that I haven't had a computer, cause it has been at the store for recovery for I don't now how long. The oly thing now is the I can't edit my pictures, cause I've got to get the software from back home first...

But now It's back and I will post pictures more frequently.