Sunday, May 30, 2010



Lovely day, woke up at 1pm. Really slept in this morning, should have got my ass out of the bed earlier, then the day wouldn't seem go by so rapidly.

My plan was to get someone with me to throw a barbecue by the lake, but no one was really into the idea, sucks... next time maybe.

Anyway, I went to marthe's and watched a episode of one three hill again, then went out for a skate session. A pretty Mellow session with a couple new tricks, always fun to stick something new.

and now It's bed time, and time for some sweet dreams, or I hope for something sweet, maybe a couple of girls by the pool that is up for a barbecue, that would be nice. But I don't think I will be that lucky, not even in my dreams. I hope for the best!

Check out the photos, later!

Mattias JJ

Me doing a ollie!

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