Monday, May 31, 2010


The best thoughts comes to me while I'm about to fall asleep. I don't now why, it's just the way it is. This time I fell asleep in marthe's sofa while watching one three hill... Why I don't write my thoughts down anywhere is because I can't remeber them after a good nights sleep. A
nd if I do, it doesn't make sense. It's like a dream, It's so clear when you're asleep, but when you wake up, it just doesn't make sense.

Good for me I had a tired norwegian that thought the best thing was to wake me up. And now, here I am, writing my thoughts down...

This time I thought about a lot of things actually, that's why I have a bit of a problem remembering what I thought was the most important to me.
I thought about why some people make you wanna enjoy yourself, How some people make you wanna improve, or why some people just wanna break you down. And when I think of that stuff, that's when I realize what I love about life.
Sometimes you can just sit by yourself, think through stuff and decide your next move. No rush, just all the time in the world. It's not about rushing things you now. Not about making someone else happy. No, It's about making yourself enjoy life the way you want to, with a couple of obligations of course(you still can't make money from doing nothing, right?).
So what you wanna do is choosing the people you enjoy spending time with and stick to them. Cause your traveling partners will make your trip more joyfull and exciting!

Be with the ones you trust, the people that trust you and the ones your carrying close to your heart. I'm describing love, and it doesn't have to be ''do you wanna merry me?'' love. Just the way you love a good friend or the family of course! MPTF

That was my thoughts folks. And I hope someone that reads this at least tries to understand what I'm trying to say! If it still makes sense in the morning, then I'm pretty damn satisfied!