Sunday, June 6, 2010


Weekend, friends, skate, concrete, wolga low, good times. Those words are probably the best words to describe my weekend. We rented a car and began our trip to Avesta, even called concrete heaven. This trip is one to remember, the best skate day for me so far this summer.

We started of with a pretty long session on the concrete. Pools, curbs, banks and some good lines. The session went on for a couple of hours until our legs couldn't keep up no more. It was really great. I couldn't help my self, I couldn't stop smiling!

After the session in Avesta, we packed our bags and went to Djursås where Simon Aka Mr Wolga low is living. Yeah I forgot, Johan had to take the rental car to uppsala to visit his sister. His sister got injured while riding her horse, and was situated at a hospital in Uppsala. That's why he had to go. Haven't got the latest news, but I hope she is okey!

Okey, we jumped into Simon's car that was going to Djursås that I told you. The plan was to take a train from there back to Malung. The only thing was that the train weren't suppose to leave until a couple of hours later. That gave us a couple of hours to try out a spot in Djursås that Simon showed us. It was a skatepark with cracked up plywood and home made curbs. It was really good shit, had so much fun there. That park proves that ''less is more''.

Finished of the day with a singalong session on the train and a little bit of partying in malung. SUPER AWESOMEEEE!

Live life like it's a gift from above, don't take anything for granted and keep yourself busy!
It's the best advice I can think of at the moment!

Öster enyoing the company of the crazy guitar mum!

Hanging out u Avesta

5-0 by Öster

fs nose grab to tail stall

Simon Hjort with his WolgaLow shirt!

Yeah, and I joined the Wolga Low snowboard crew, Simon Hjort hookep me up. Simon's biggest priority is Life, that's what I like about him, and it reflects in his company. Hand made shirts with a underground feeling. Just the best, visit for more info

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