Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gesunda invitational

Been a fun day, with cool people to hang out with. The course was two jumps, followed by either a up-flat-up box, or a gap to rail. After that you finished of your run on the spine or the c-box.

In the finals my run was following; cab 5 to back seven in the kicker line, then 50-50 on the rail to a combo on the spine. We couldn't go that big because of the wind, we didn't get the speed we needed for the jumps. But it went fine.

I Made it to the podium, but I couldn't take part in the prize ceremony because of the train I had to catch. I actually barely had time to participate in the finals, only had the time to take one of two final runs.

Anyway, now I'm on Arlanda airport. tomorrow morning I'm leaving for Italy to meet up with family and friends. Looking forward to that!

My english assignment for the week is the write in my blog. Shouldn't be that hard, I hope my grammar will be on top!


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