Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey !

Today was the second day riding for me here in Italy. It has been a great second day and Todays subject have got to be; POWDER!

The snow has been falling for the last couple of days here in Champoluc. That means that It was fresh ''fluff, fluff'' for us to explore all over the mountain. It really helped that the hotel our friends are staying at, invited us to go out in the óff-piste with a guide. All on the Hotels expense of course. Wich means that we got our self a powder finder for free. A man that hated snowboarders though, but it's just because he don't have the skills to surf that white wave on the mountain as you can do with a FUN-board(snowboard)! But he dropped that shield of his when he got to know us!

Anyway! We rode untouched powder all day long. I will post a small clip of how it looked like! But not now, a little bit later when I've got it on my computer!

And I have a message for my english teacher, Peter! I have limited access to the World Wide Webb, That means that I have too write all my posts on paper, then post them n the blog when I get home on Thursday! Or I could just e-mail you them!

That was it! LAters!

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