Friday, February 5, 2010

yesyes jaaoouuhh!

When you feel that it can't get any better, and it does, That's the best definition of Awesomenes!

And that's a feeling you don't get everyday. Today I think I got it. Even if it wasn't the best conditions I really had a great day. When I thought It couldn't be much more fun, it did. And As I wrote, that's the best definition of awesomenes! (my own opinion)

Tomorrow is going to be another day in Kläppen, will try learn some new tricks. And will have a great time. I'll take some photos that you get get here on Ferixo!

Be ready, Laters!

snowskate, kind of.. from Felix Mobärg on Vimeo.

snowskate, kind of... from Felix Mobärg on Vimeo.

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