Saturday, February 6, 2010

sun !

''Sun is shining, weather is sweet'' by Bob Marley, the soundtrack of our day, sooooo goood!

Didn't look that promising on the way up, but the second we arrived i kläppen the sky cleared up, and we got bluebird!

The park was well groomed and everything was perfect, the jumps got a bit soft after lunch, but It didn't even matter, wasn't like it made a difference.

Took a couple of pictures(beneath)

Tomorrow I will go up to kläppen again, and the plan is to film something fun, and make a edit. Looking forward to see what tomorrow has to offer!


Isak ''Big B'' Bearström!

Mr M and The Sarinator! (in love<3)

Mr M lovin those Back (f)Lips!

Mr Ashes, Mr A, or Big Myr! Whatever you like!

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