Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hi! Now I'm back from Kungsberget. It has been a fun mini trip, even if it was lack of good weather. It snowed and kind of rained for the whole day. It was a pretty fun set-up, it was just that I didn't get into the rythm. I was trying and trying but It didn't go my way. Didn't even make it to the finals...

But it will come new competitions where I can get revenge and pull out that line that I was looking for. But it's not the the line you did in the competition I will remember, It's the slash I did under the lift, or the rail we hit in the mini park. Or maybe the three I bonked. It's the moments without any pressure and just pure fun that I will remember the most.

Because of the bad weather I didn't pull out my camera, so I'll just wait for a couple of pics to appear on or


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