Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow is falling

Hey hey!

Today we've been riding for the whole day. The snow was falling on us all day. Soo good to get some fresh pow pow! I think it fell like 10 cm of fresh while we were riding, ridicolous amounts of snow. looking like we are going to take a day of from the park on thursday to take fun lines in the forrest on Hundfjället aka ''Dog mountain''! Will be fun!

As I sad we were riding the whole day, and we rode in Kläppen as usuall. Mr Viktor ''sponk'' Jonsson took some pictures, and here they are:

it's like fs 7 or switch back one stale or something!

Me doing fs 3 mute,

Right now I'm sitting next too Benni who is editing the clips from when we filmed in Tandådalen. It will come up this week probably!



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