Thursday, February 18, 2010


Tonight they finished off the pipe olympics, and hey, Shaun white got the victory. Surprise surprise! or noot. I think everyone that watched it saw it coming! I didn't watch it, I don't feel like I was missing anything...

It can't be fun to have that pressure on you all the time. Mr White doesn't really have anything to win, just a hell lot to loose. To win the olympics was something everyone expected from him, to get second would just be a failure. To win is just what he should do. If someone else would have won, like Ståle Sandbech, it would be something grand and historical. Shaun just did what he had to do, he ticked of Olympic gold his is ''need to be done'' list for the season 09-10!

Anyway, sick run and he earned it!! Crazy airtime !! Fun to watch!! Too bad Danny Davis couldn't participate!!


Danny Davis!!

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