Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Now I'm at ''7''. A place In malung where we usually hang out when we've got nothing to do!
And tonight I've got absolutly nothing to do... But I don't really wanna do anything anyway because I'm so fuckin tierd from snowboarding in Kläppen.

Today me and philip and some other guys filmed with Joakim Juhlin. He is a filmer from stockholm that is working with a couple of things for Kläppen resort, mainly for their webbpage.

So we are trying to get some photage aswell as getting a part in his small edits that he is doing. Just doing fun things, a little bit of everything. And that's how it should be. Just to keep it fun!

We also made a edit with a couple of clips from a rail. Looks good I think! Made by mr Benni Andrason! Check it:

Felix n friends from Benedikt Andrason on Vimeo.


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