Tuesday, March 16, 2010

...S- ucks

Sucks to be injured in the small town called Malung... When you can't ride and live in malung, you will soon find yourself on a whole new level of boredom. It's when your main activity is sitting in school, on a computer, watching snowboard clips all day long. It's fun when your thinking about what you could do, getting your mind working on new tricks. But then you realize that you can't barely put on your snowboard boots because of the pain... that Blows donkey D*CK!

But If I would try to see it from a bit brighter perspective, then I will probably be super pumped when I finally can ride again. And then I will be on top again, hopefully sooner then later!

My computer works again, if I didn't write that before. And for you that haven't read my blog. My computer crashed down, about two weeks ago! But now It's back again. And I will celebrate it with a fun ''shredit'' from bear mountain:


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