Saturday, January 30, 2010

Been to Kläppen today done some shreding. had to get up at 5.40, and the buss leaved malung at 6.30. Pretty damn early I think. But it was a good day, no sun of course why would we get any sun in one of the best parks in europe, that's just to much to ask for is it?

Check out the picture beneath, that one was taken a couple of days ago, and this is how close we've been to bright day light. The sadest part is not that we don't get a fine brownish tan, no, the worst part is that it's easy to fall trough the floor and get in to this super bad mood. Where nothing seems to mather, you can't land a single trick an your life is over.

But then you can see it in two ways, either you're selfish, like ignoring your friends. Or you could help your friends to keep the mood up with positive thinking.

But you can also mix these two options up, like beeing selfish and go to the side and get over your anger. That's probably the best alternative, cause you don't want to lock you anger in to this little box, cause then you will just end up with a broken board. I've been there and done that, it's not pretty, killed a couple of skates like that. Always thinking afterwards; Not worth it!

Now I'm just sitting at home waiting for a sunny day!


Close but not good enough, We want nothing but the best. Sounds pretty bad!

Clip from a street session we pulled off before christmas holidays!

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