Friday, January 22, 2010


Today we had a busy schedule! First, breakfast at school, then 1 hour car to Experium adventure centre for some sessioning at their fake wave, and I can tell you that It was something I won't forget, so much fun, haven't been laughing that much for a long time, amazing!

Then we drove back to kläppen for lunch followed by 3 hour shred mania in kläppen!


Check out the surf pics! LAters!

Johan K, ready for action, here he comes. And I think he had a mega super awesome slam a few moments after this pic was taken!
Mr Skotte was on it! Pumped to max, and I can tell you that we didn't just laugh because it was so cool, we had our fair share of hard slams, and we got washed out by the water canons more then a couple of times, But when you got a hang of it, It was great!

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