Sunday, September 5, 2010

Now Im at home just woke up, trying to heal my foot with my not existing magic powers. Doesn't really work for me, but I got to get my foot ready for action in less then 2 weeks otherwise I can call saas fee and say; ''Im sorry, I can't make it, see you next year....''.

I hope my foot just starts to work like normal, like right now!!

Im pretty nervous right now that I wont make it, but I still have faith.

But other good news, ''malungshem'', the guys that run Malung like true mobsters will get us a pipe that we can shred on when the snow arrives. So If I can't go to saas fee I can always ride by the icerink. I'll post a video of us shredding the ice-rink.


Edit from last years ice rink session.

And GEt stoked !

Check this;

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