Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dedicated to Mr GAYLORD!

This one is dedicated to Mitch GAYLORD!! The 4-time olympic medalist that not a single guy in our group ever have heard about even though the had the coolest name!
The guy that could carry him self for hours on a bar, just hanging on for his life. Doing double, triple and quad flips without even sweating!! This man was THE MAN!! ahahahahaha
In the spirit of Mr Gaylord we were chilling in Faluns Gymnastic center. Doing som egymnastics, but I didn't even jump, spin or nothing. I didn't feel it because of my foot, that's it. But the other guys were throwing them self from left to right, single flips, double flips, corked out flips! It's was going down! Pretty big bizz for some of te guys that were taking it as a pretty big deal, That's good for them to find motivation!
Tomorrow I'm going to Gothenburg, I'll update with some pictures!!
Mitch Gaylord himself!

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