Monday, November 15, 2010

Our weekend...

Okayaya, now I've been spending one suuuper long weekend in tandådalen... I gotta tell you, It feels like I've been there for a week or something.
Day 1 friday: We went there with our moods on top, Me, Sven Thorgren and Niklas Mattsson.
Earlier that same day me and Niklas thought that we could buy a tent and spend the weekend in tandådalen, so we bought one... And stupid as we are, we didn't check if all the pegs were there, the things you use to hold up the tent. So we went there, all three of us, thinking that it was going to be a piece of cake... It wasn't. We ended up sleeping on the cold ground in a small shed.
I didn't sleep that much and hold niklas and sven awake by having nightmares, screaming and shit... Not a good start...
Day 2 Saturday: We woke up at 8 or something and didn't feel like sleeping anymore. Or it was more like, we couldn't sleep anymore. I was freezing so bad. I couldn't feel my feets and It felt like I was in hell, If I'm gonna be honest.
Finaly we found a solution, Sven found a ride home later the same day. Me and Niklas got hooked up with a sweet living at the hotel for the next two nights.
The rest of our stay we had great shred and a awesome time!!
Now I'm home, and glad cause I'm going to sleep in my own bed tonight!
Check the pictures of our tent beneath...
Our fucked up tent, This is where we slept the first night... mmm not to sweet,
I'm not!!!!

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