Sunday, November 15, 2009

back from Tandådalen/Sälen!

Now I'm back from Tandådalen. It has been a sick weekend with loads of fun. Been snowboarding pretty much from sunrise untill they closed. from 9 to 7 or 8 pretty much.
We slept the first night in a tent for two. Or you could say that it was a tent for one, cause the width
was like half a meter...
And we had a bit of a problem, we were 3 guys, Me, Niklas and Isak G! But we managed to squeeze in to That tent.
Then when we finally fell a sleep, but we got a bit of a scare in the middle of the night. We didn't have enough oxygen in the tent for the whole night. We was terriefied and panicked a bit when we was trying to catch our breath. Before we went to sleep, we didn't open up the holes in the tent that was going to provide us with fresh air. without them open it was like putting a plastic bag over you head. It was really scarry! But we survived the night!

Then we were really lucky to be hooking up with a couple of friends from malung that had a cottage were we could crash!

Now we are at home, all safe and sound! we had a real good weekend snowboarding!

I will post some pictures of the tent and my companions tomorrow!


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