Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mid week update!

Haven't had any time to update the blog. But I can go through my wekeend and the first three days of this week. Started off smooth at saturday with a walk through down town stockholm with my mum, went through a couple of stores and had a coffee or two. Then I went with a couple of friends to a party at the one off store in stockholm, it was like a pre party before we went to Berns. Berns is a night club in stockholm where the snowboard film I told you about was showed.
That was saturday, at sunday we just went home to malung, took it easy had a late snowboard session outside the ice hockey rink. That was about it for sunday.
Monday was school day. Tuesday was snowboard day in tandådalen as same for today. We went
to tandådalen at 6.30 in the morning. And we went home at 17.30 in the evening.
Had a good, fun and long lasting session, that never seemed to end.
But sad enough it did. I have some pictures from today.
But other then that you'll have to wait for the edit that will be built from shots from today.


frontside Ollie!

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