Monday, November 23, 2009

Winter Weekend in Tandådalen!

Today I'm going to Tandådalen for the winter weekend there. It's going to be soo much fun, if you get the opportunity to get to tandådalen this weekend, take it. It's going to be two competitions in the big air arena. The Nitro session for snowboarders, and second hands competition for skiers. Then in the evening Nitro sweden will show their movie from last season and second hands also have their movie that they will show.

Then you can try out new gear for the season, because almost every brand is going to be there, including Salomon!

So you should deffinitely try to get there!

Here are som pictures from when I were in stockholm. Didn't have my camera with me to the area sad enough. But I still got a coupe of fun pics, check it out!


Felix in my dads appartment!

We tried out Maxis new bungee in Malung. Really sick. If we film something with that thing I will post it here!

Me and Isak chilling in the appartment!


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