Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today we've been to tandådalen. Been snowboarding and laughing most of the time. Pretty sad that they won't open up the big jump untill saturday morning. So that sucks a bit.
So today been one of those creative days. Where you've got to make to most out of the situation. So even if you don't the set-up ready for action when you get there, doesen't meen that you can build something up yourself and still have a great time.
The days when you have the most fun comes when you least expect it!
Tomorrow is school day, and friday is another day of shred. I broke my camera last weeken. So it will take some time to get a new one. But I've got a few pictures in storage that I will post here!

(click for zoom)
Me and Jonte G at Berns!

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