Friday, December 11, 2009

Tärnaby day 1

Now I've been riding Tärnaby from when I got here at 12 o'clock untill they closed. Had so much fun shreding with the Locals here in Tärnaby.

We really had a session going for a good 4 hours straight in a jump that was no bigger then 5 meters. Did fun combos like 3s with double grabs, shiftys, double shiftys.

As I said before, you have the most fun when you least expect it! As today, I came up to tärnaby. Didn't know anyone, didn't know where to go or where I was going to sleep. Nothing, but everything worked out in the end!

Now I'm sitting in a bed and breakfast where I'm going to spend my nights here in Tärnaby.
The man who is running this bed and breakfast is a cool guy that moved here a couple of years ago from Australia. He is so much fun, easy going and very friendly.

Matt as he is called told me this story that happend a few days ago in a house next door, got a bit of a scare actually.

There was these young guns from Norway that was in town to snowboard. They were really stoked and a bit messy. They decided to pull a prank on this older man just a couple of houses away from where I'm sitting. They went there and through snow balls on this older mans house untill he flipped!

First he yelled att them: ''get away! I'm warning you!''
Then one of the boys threw a ball at the older man. That was it, he went in, picked up his riffel and shot one of the boys in the back!

He teached them a lesson they will never forgett!!!!

Now I'm done LATERS!

Crazy nosepress from Tärnaby!

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