Thursday, December 10, 2009


(picture from a box jam in Lindvallen by:Rikard Landberg)

Hello folks! Now I'm on my way to Tärnaby to do some snowboarding. Been invited to this Camp that I'm going to attend. I'm on the train right now and will sit like this for 11 hours...

That sucks so bad, but I've got my computer and hard drive loaded with movies. The latest American pie and the first season of Californication for example(teasers beneath).

I'm so excited to see what Tärnaby is all about, never been there but some say it's really good up there. It's a bit further north then Sälen so I'm expecting a bit more snow then I've seen so far.
Hopefully the sweetest pow runs Tärnaby ever seen!

Going to watch a movie now!


Tärnaby edit from this season! *o*

American pie teasern!

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