Saturday, September 5, 2009

Be creative! / 2-1

Today has been one of those creative days once again. We have been snowboarding when It's 15 degrées outside, that means no snow. It's great fun, sick even!;D
I posted some pics in an' old post, look for them, they are pretty cool!
Next week the ice rink will open, it means that they will produce snow that we can shred on! AAAWSOOOMEEE!

Then we watched the game, Sweden was up against Hungary. WE WON!!!
2-1, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the winning goal at literally the last second, the Judge stoped to clock right after he scored the finall goal.
My dad actually was watching the game live, and I think he and the Swedish crowd celabrated a bit in Budapest after the game for shure! And my dad has more then just the win to celabrate, He also won the bet we set up before the game.
Hampe/Dad= 1
Felix= 0
That was it, another good day!
Zlatan Ibrahimovic After he scored!

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