Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today It was so called ''nollning'' for the new guys in the Freeride class. It was madness, people were going wild, puking, screaming, drinking getting naked! It was crazy! They were definitely on the wild side!

And I documented everything in pictures! watch and enjoy!!

Crazy danish dude! also called Lugi!

My new room mate David! He doesn't look pleased xD haha

David, Lugi and the rest of the class!:D

mmmm, not good! I think they peed in the bucket before they had to put their heads in there!:D haha

And they had to do some nasty shots as well!

I do think it tasts as bad as it looks!
Most of them puked when doing this shot, Nooot good!

Isak Gidlund with his random faces!

They had to drink some beer as well! xD
A couple of them ended upp throwing everything up in the end, but it's all good!

Malin and Therese!

The whole lot!


getting undressed!

It was a huge crowd that wanted to watch the show!

Maxi Smith!


That was all, Laters!

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