Friday, September 11, 2009


Yes, don't have much to do really! I'm sick, that's what's up, I've got a soar throat and a headache, not fun at all.
I'm at home playing some online poker at , watching a movie and chillaxing!(relaxing+chilling)
This week we have been doing loads of training and less school, that's the way we like it. But next week it's back to the ordinary school schedule sad enough...

Take a look att some pictures from this week!

Taking the ordinary bike ride to school!

Looking out for the sketchy rapist of Kiruna, also called Isak Björnström!!!:D

Eating pizza and c-vitamin drink!!!:D sick as hell!!

Niklas Mattsson, the punk from sundsvall that knows how to get down with the dudes from malung.
His motto: Talk like they talk, walk their walk and dress like they dress.
He knows how to please the ladys aswell! keep on working hard Niklas!!!
that was it!! laters!!!:D:D:D:D

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