Friday, September 18, 2009

Going Home!

Roast på Berns!

The Jumbo Hostel

Dinner at McDonalds of course, mmmmm!

Yes! I'm on my way home. I began my trip to Helsingborg in Malung at 17:15, Now it's 23:23 and I'm still not home. I Have to spend the night at Hostel near by Arlanda called ''Jumbo
Hostell''. It is called ''Jumbo Hostel'' cause it's a big Jumbo Jet that they have retired.
It's really cool, cause it's so F*ckin' big! It's a fun experience to spend a night in a aeroplane, never done it before, good experience for shure.
Now I'm sitting in my room and watching an old episode from ''Roast på Berns'' on channel 5, while I'm writing this post.
I took some pictures of the aeroplane, but tomorrow I will take some pictures in day light so you can really see how big it is.

Now I'm going to sleep,


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