Monday, September 21, 2009

Going back To Malung!

Calle on his home made Skimboard!
We make our skimboards ourself!

Calle and myself!

Slashin' !!

But Calle didn't enjoyed that I slashed him in the face!

Calle Droppin' in!

Oliver, Filip and calle!


Slash in the face!

Filip droppin' in!

Me doing Hippie Jump!

Oliver getting Low!

Oliver droppin' in!

Calle doing Pole jam!

Pole Jam!

Jakob going under the bar!

Filip going under the bar!

Me hippie jumping over the bar!
Hippie Jump = The board is going under, and you are jumping over!

Today I'm going back to malung, Dalarna. It has been nice to be home for a few days and relax.
But tomorrow it's back to school, and next week we're going to saas fee! It's going to be great, I'm looking forward to strap on my snowboard and take som laps in the park and pipe.
But first I got to go to school for one week.
I posted some pictures of me and some friends, Jakob, Calle, Oliver, Filip and Johan went skimboarding. It's when you slide on the thin water that is left after a wave rolled over the beach. It's hard to explain, and easier to show. Watch the pictures! enjoy!

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