Friday, October 30, 2009

The clock is 06.47 and I'm of to Stockholm any minute now. The train leaves from malung train station at 07.30, and I'm at the scene about an hour before the comp, just perfect! hopefully It goes smooth and I'm sure I will have lots of fun!

And I forgot to update you about the contest I was in the other day in saas fee, right before we left. It was a european cup in Halfpipe. The level was so high, but I competet with my self more then against the others. And in my own competition It went well. I achieved my goal that I set for the competition, to stand up both my runs, and I did, so I'm pleased. Next time I'm aiming for a bit higher score, but It's a process so I'll get there!

Now I'm leaving the appartment and malung. I'll update you with pictures from the comp tonight!


Yes this is the rail tour I was talkin about, just that this stop is in Stockholm not östersund.
Wrong poster, but I don't have time to correct that right now...

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