Saturday, October 31, 2009


It has been a good day in stockholm. I went to the train at least 10 minutes before it would leave, I sat in the train right when it was about to leave Hannes came running barely making it on time, at that point the clock were 07.30.
We arrived in stockholm half past 12, half an hour before the rail session was about to kick of. We met up with Pelle and Henke, two of the most fun guys out of Karlstad. We jumped in to the car and realized that no one knew the way to the location... we were lucky that henke had a GPS in his cell phone. So after half an hour of not finding the correct path, we made it to the Event with one big smile each!

At the session, we met lots of friends. We snowboarded and had very fun. Jonathan Linde got 1st, Johan Karlsson got 2nd and Hannes K got 3rd. Stoked on them, malung represented. My game wasn't on top so it didn't go as well as I hoped, but It still it went all right!

When the clock was getting close to 17.30 we had already had some Mc Donalds and been at the one off store for some mingle outside the entrée, we couldn't get in because the after party was starting at six.
Then 17.45 our train left so we said by to our friends and startet our journey back to malung.

But it didn't go exactly as planned. We did get to malung both of us in the end. But I got on a bit of a detour. I didn't have time to jump of at the station where the change of trains was about to happen. I was running around the train looking for my board that I couldn't find, so the train started to roll on to the next station with me in it, and hannes looking on from the platform.

So I sat in the train for one more hour, then I took a taxi cab from Mora another hour back to malung. Pretty funny when I look back on it!

Now I'm going to sleep! I'll update you with more pictures tomorrow!

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