Saturday, October 10, 2009

day 11, Afternoon

Now we've been up on the slope. We took a couple of runs before we realized it wouldn't get any better. But we had one run that made it all worth it, a run we're we could actually see 5 meters ahead. Rest of the day we couldn't see shiet! xD But it was still Fun!

Now I'm going to grab something to eat, take a nap and maybe watch a episode or two of heroes!

Watch the photos and be ready for more updates!


Me, Niklas Askmyr in the middle and Zebbe Landmark!

The Brother number two of the Landmark Maffia, Philip Landmark!!:D

Philip, Isak Björnström, Me and Niklas A!:D

The Askinator! :D:D HAHAHA!!
Have no idea what he's doing, but he's a funny dude for shure!:D:D

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