Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 7

Today has been a day of from the slope for me. The weather is starting to turn around from blue sky and sun to grey, cloudy and rainy.. But I think I will to up to the slope tomorrow no mather what cause I'm so pumped!

This evening we've been cleaning up our whole appartment. It looked like crap when we took up the rubber gloves and brushes. Now when we are done it looks better then when we moved in!
We are a stoked on the result, no more empty soda cans and old smelly socks on the table!

Will update you with some ride pics tomorrow probably!


This is how i looks in our living room now! An hour ago it was just all coverd in old soda cans, bread crambs and dust! Now it's all cleaaaaaN!

As I sad!! Kevin and Ludwig chilling in the living room!

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