Thursday, October 29, 2009

On our way home!

Pretty sad to leave when it was blue sky!
From the taxi!

ate twelve of these on the plane! was pretty hungry and it was all i had.

Cool view from the taxi! Geneva!

Now me and my friend Philip Landmark have about 2 and a half hours left of our journey home to Sälen/malung we are sitting in the train, listening to music and watching some movies.
There wasn't almost any train tickets left when we were going to buy one. But we were lucky enough to get a pair of first class tickets that our mums got for us, a bit of luxury in our lifes.
Not anything special, but we got a free cup of coffee. It's always something.

Now I'm going to look through some images from our trip and maybe post a couple that I haven't posted yet, but just Maybe. Otherwise I'll take a couple of pictures from sälen when we are doing some snowboarding, cause I heard some rumors that it's snow in Dalarna. I really hope that it's true!

Be ready for more updates! Laters!

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