Monday, October 12, 2009

day 13 - Evening

Okay, today we couldn't snowboard, so we sat at home watched movies, did some homework and relaxed in the sofa!

But the reason for this post, is mostly because I want you to see the photos from todays mission.
The mission was called : Get the same fluff as Zebbzter!
And I think Kevin and Ludwig succeeded in their strugle to become flufferonies!!

Watch and enjoy!


Get the same fluff as Zebbe Landmark!

Ludwig Lejnkner the Goblin!!

Ludwig and Kevin!

Be afraid, be very afraid!!
He will eat your brain and spit it IN YOUR FACE!!

Kevin doesn't need pockets nowadays, He'll just put it in his hair!
But I would be cautious to put candy in there, it will probably eat it up!!

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