Sunday, October 25, 2009

day 26

Today was a day of, but just from snowboarding. We had a little adventure in saas fee today!
We went to this cliff edge throwing stones and tires down to the bottom.
Then we thought that we could go down to the bottom and see what we would found. It was at least a couple of hundred meters down, so it took some time to get down. When we were down at the bottom we decided to walk a bit down there, we found a couple of balls that kids have been throwing down through out the years and some garbige that some lazy dude thrown down. But the most odd thing that some guy had thrown down to the bottom was a pair of skies from like 20 years ago or something. Pretty funny!

Other than that it was just an amazing view from down there. Big mountain walls on both sides, and a small stream with a couple of small waterfalls. Pretty magical scenery!

Now I'm going to sleep and dream sweet dreams about snowboarding. Then I'm gonna get stoked in The morning when I realize that the sun is shining, hopefully!

Be ready for more updates! Laters!

Took some pictures with my cell phone!

The cool ski we found, Niklas holding it!

Pretty big drop from top to bottom!

Cool scenery!

We also climbed up under the bridge! Sketchy as hell! But we got an adrenalin kick out of that for shure!

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