Friday, August 21, 2009


Today the class, with me included, were in Falun. The mission was to do some gymnastics and jump into a foam pit from a trampoline, try to get down some double corks and double flips, It went allright. I think everyone got at least one double down. A good days work, I think we will see some double flips this season for shure! as Keir Dillon said, and I quote: ''you can't win a pipe comp without a double cork!'', and I think he speaks to the guys that compete with the pros. But still, sooner or later all kids will get it down, so if you want to compete at a high level in pipe, get the doubles down in your trick book.

But enough of doubles. Now It's weekend, the time for late hours and sleeping in. Tomorrow it's saturday and on monday we will go surfing on the norwegian coast, and even better, a bird whispered in my ear that the waves will be good too. I thinks It will be a fun week/weekend.

Peace with all of you, and I will update you with pics from Norway!

Fakie heel flip, by Myself

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