Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ordinary and standard, but great fun!:)

Today I don't have the strength to write a long post. But I can just briefly go through my day.
I didn't woke up before 10, then I went skating with my friends Johan and Niklas for one hour or two. It went well, just well.
Then it was time for training, and this time it was trampoline time((time x3!!)) It was good fun actually, to get some airtime and get some dinstance from the ground for a change.
So that was fun, and after that it was time for some jumping, rolling and running practice. You know like jumping over hedges and stuff. Not as fun, but it helps us to get fit for the snowboard season, so that's really good!:)

Now I've just been watching a movie and right now I'm going to bed. Check the blog for more updates later!
peace with all of you, and sleep tight!

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