Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm back!

Just got home from paradise, and Paradise is spelled stadlandet, located on the west coast of Norway. I'm so stoked when I go through the week in my head, cause even if I got a bit sick at the end, I had so much fun! Fun surf, fun crew to hang out with and good weather, couldn't be better.

Right now I'm at my neighbors place, writing this post and All Isak(my neighbor) is whining about is his incident with a huge/scary jellyfish that burned him in the face, but personaly I don't think It was either big or scary, and I don't think he got burned either, He just wanted us to pity him so that he could get away with the dishes... but that's just what I think:D haha

now I'm going to watch a movie with some dudes!

peace with all of you, and check out pictures from the trip and Isaks version of the incident with the jellyfish!


Isak version:

So here is the deal, I was floating on my board in peacefull unknowledge of what kind of monsters that where hiding under the surface. A wave filled up the sky behind me and I got all fired up, lost my concentration and as a consequens my board dived straight into the water and I didn't have any choice but to follow it's suicidal course. A huuuuuuuuuge ass Jellyfish decided to introduce it's bottom side to my face, I can't say i'm very fond of those puke-red blobby things and my disliking became absolute after this burning rape.

Btw I think Michael Jacksson is ALIIIIIWEEEEEE //Isak Gidlund Riabacke

Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan's dream : //Felix!


Niklas Mattsson



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