Saturday, August 29, 2009


Today haven't been the best of days for me. The first snowboard session startet out with me getting mad cause I couldn't stick a singel trick that I was pleased with, and the same session of course ended when I busted my eyebrow open, no stitches, and I'm fine thank you.
After that me, Alex, Niklas and I-sucK/Isak went to the pool, did some training and chilling in the sauna.
By then we were prepared for another session in the backyard. This started out better then session one, but ended worse. I broke my board, and cracked my steel edge.
Pretty disappointed, but the weather was good though, always something!:D haha

check out the pictures bellow! laters!

Cracked steel edge!

Me tail blocking with a broken board! photo cred: Philip Landmark!!

Niklas mattsson double flip from norway!

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